alligator turtle

The Dinosaur of the Turtle World

One of the most impressive things about this world is the vast array of different species that occupy it. While humans may be the only species with a defined culture and a true intelligence, there are many life forms here who have outlived us.... Read more →

Ecological Limits Are Limiting New Species

According to a report created by the University of Chicago in Nature shows that the rate in which new species evolve and grow at is being hampered by the limitations of ecological places to actually live. The report suggests that when the ecological... Read more →

How Can We Better Protect Threatened Species?

While many of us marvel at the impressive development of the human race over the many years of our existence, it’s hard not to find the way we have colonized the planet a little hard to take in some circumstances. For example, when it comes... Read more →

The Human Impact on the Amazon Rainforest

Every now and then, we hear somebody on the television or pop up on the news talking about how important it is we manage the Amazon rainforest and that we stop the brutal damage we have been doing to it. Despite these constant pleas from various... Read more →

Wheat To Iraq

As a way to help Iraq in getting back on track, the United States decided to manage and rehabilitate the traditional farming system of Iraq and make it a US-style commercial agribusiness. In fact, the US government launched a new law called... Read more →

Sustainable Salmon Farming

In the industry of agriculture, salmon farming is known to be one of the most significant issues that people are talking about. Maybe, you might have been asked if salmon farming can be sustainable. This matter sounds good but, some groups disagree... Read more →
gm foods

Should GM Food Be Labelled

One of the common questions asked by average people to experts is about the so called GM food. Should GM Food be labeled? What’s the purpose behind that? If you are very interested in this topic and you wish to learn more about GM food, please... Read more →