The Importance of Recycling Green Waste

Although a nature lover’s natural instinct is to preserve the life of trees, there are times when a tree may need to be cut down. Reasons could include a tree being diseased or dead, or it posing a threat to other trees, animals or people... Read more →

Ecology from the air

A great clip from Greg Asner speaking at TED. He led an airborne mapping campaign at the Kruger National Park in South Africa. His team put GPS mapping tags on male and female lions reviewing them from the air with some interesting findings.... Read more →

How much would ecological restoration cost?

Every day, we see new reports on the news or online about the damage we are doing to the planet and how quite soon it could become irreversible if it hasn’t already. New methods for saving the planet and cutting back on the most ecologically... Read more →
alligator turtle

The Dinosaur of the Turtle World

One of the most impressive things about this world is the vast array of different species that occupy it. While humans may be the only species with a defined culture and a true intelligence, there are many life forms here who have outlived us.... Read more →

Ecological Limits Are Limiting New Species

According to a report created by the University of Chicago in Nature shows that the rate in which new species evolve and grow at is being hampered by the limitations of ecological places to actually live. The report suggests that when the ecological... Read more →
carbon dryland cycle

Why Dryland is Vital To The Carbon Cycle

For many years, most of us have looked upon the drylands of the world and wondered how we could cultivate them and make them more useful parts of the world. With the constant wish to create more forest land and greenery on these areas somehow,... Read more →

How Humans Have Affected Nitrogen Outputs

One thing that we commonly hear about across the news and the internet today is that the tropical rainforests are under significant threat from man-made problems that could be solved in other ways. While many people don’t heed the advice of... Read more →

How Can We Better Protect Threatened Species?

While many of us marvel at the impressive development of the human race over the many years of our existence, it’s hard not to find the way we have colonized the planet a little hard to take in some circumstances. For example, when it comes... Read more →
Jelly fish

The Worlds First Jellyfish Database

One of the most interesting parts of the world is the sea purely on the basis that without building submarines or diving we have no real way of going underwater for any prolonged length of time. Another big part of the fascination with the water... Read more →
deep sea limpet

Deep Sea Limpets

The world underneath us – underwater – is still something that we do not know a whole lot about. Despite constant research into the waters below, there are parts of the ocean we simply cannot travel down to. Not only does this make exploration... Read more →
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