How Can We Better Protect Threatened Species?

While many of us marvel at the impressive development of the human race over the many years of our existence, it’s hard not to find the way we have colonized the planet a little hard to take in some circumstances. For example, when it comes to the way animals are supposed to react and live in the world today we have completely changed that.

The extinction rate for animals is now one thousand times faster than what is considered he “natural” rate of a species dying off. This is a significant problem as we are killing off species that may never live in any form ever again, and this is going to have significant effects on future generations of humanity if something is not done to counter this.


Therefore, it’s pleasing to see that significant changes to the technology used to look after threatened species is being researched and implemented. A study led by the Duke University showed that with new technology it will be far easier for the right government arms and specialists to spot a species which is struggling to survive, so that the right precautions can be taken.

Many species are wiped out before people even know what it is – and this is a significant problem. Without the awareness of the species on this planet alongside us it can be hard to really press home the point of what is at stake if the current rate of extinction continues. With the significant changes to the way we communicate and share information today, it’s much easier to create far more modern ways of getting the story out there.

With everybody using smartphones today and constantly online, pushing the message out there about the importance of looking after threatened species and making people aware of the threat can quickly sway people into action. This type of development can only be a good thing for the future, as millions of amateurs turn to helping the biggest corporations keep track on specific species and how they are doing.

Information has never been easier to research and contribute to with the internet age opening up a whole new era for everybody. There should never be any reason why the relevant authorities in each country cannot instigate active social media and awareness campaigns to draw attention to what is happening to some of the wildlife on this planet. With the right mentality and the right actions put in place there could be a significant change to the way we handle the various different species on this planet – something has to be done, before we find ourselves running out of companions!

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