The Human Impact on the Amazon Rainforest

Every now and then, we hear somebody on the television or pop up on the news talking about how important it is we manage the Amazon rainforest and that we stop the brutal damage we have been doing to it. Despite these constant pleas from various... Read more →
mummy wasp

The Mummy Wasps of Ecuador

Despite being at the very peak of human society and technological advancements, it’s astounding to know that we still come across creatures and animals from all walks of life that we have never came across before. Insects are the most common... Read more →

What is Ecology?

To put it as simply as possible, ecology is the study of how organisms interact with each other. This field covers all living and non-living organisms and has seen significant growth in terms of both funding and (subsequently) research done... Read more →
no carbon footprint

Zero Carbon Britain

As the technology progresses, the environment suffers from the never-ending negative effects of it. In Britain, one of the leading issues there has something to do with carbon emissions. To address the issue, a new project was launched and it... Read more →

Wheat To Iraq

As a way to help Iraq in getting back on track, the United States decided to manage and rehabilitate the traditional farming system of Iraq and make it a US-style commercial agribusiness. In fact, the US government launched a new law called... Read more →

Sustainable Salmon Farming

In the industry of agriculture, salmon farming is known to be one of the most significant issues that people are talking about. Maybe, you might have been asked if salmon farming can be sustainable. This matter sounds good but, some groups disagree... Read more →
gm foods

Should GM Food Be Labelled

One of the common questions asked by average people to experts is about the so called GM food. Should GM Food be labeled? What’s the purpose behind that? If you are very interested in this topic and you wish to learn more about GM food, please... Read more →

Karmabanque Hedgefund

Have you ever heard anything about Karmabanque? Well, this is actually a community on the web and it describes its audience as “activists, hedge funds and anarchists.” This is a stock exchange of sorts yet it comes with a maniacal and brilliant... Read more →
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