Canada Should Do More to Confront the Climate Crisis

Those people who keep on denying the fact behind human-caused climate crisis are focusing their attention to illegal theft as well as in the release of emails from the scientists at the Climate Research Unit in East Anglia. To their desperation, these people are claiming that the email points to worldwide conspiracy by the government leaders and scientists to….It is very hard to say what’s on their mind on what they believed about the conspiracy.

There was a letter to a certain newspaper firm in Vancouver sent a while ago which indicates the way most of those people think. The writer said that those people who work to respond to the issue are “ideological zealots” who pursue a quasi-religious socialist plan to control and influence the countries in the western part of the world.


The unfortunate fact for all deniers and for everyone is that the emails do not actually reveal that global warming is the grand conspiracy. They are not doing anything that can help in diminishing the decades of devastating scientific proof that the planet isn’t only warming severely due to emissions coming from the burned fossil fuels but it is worse than what people thought.

Nowadays, there were 26 scientists who came from various countries such as Germany, Switzerland, France and Australia published a report stating that the effects of global warming happen faster. In fact, these effects are more widespread compared to the reports coming from the United Nations Intergovernmental Board on Global Warming.

The report was entitled “The Copenhagen Diagnosis” and it summarized the latest research showing that the Arctic Ocean ice is melting rapidly than what people assume. Both Antarctica and Greenland lose more ice compared to the predictions. The sea levels rise faster than the expected. Scientists concluded that the planet is able to reach numerous tipping points when people keep on pumping and expelling emissions that will go into the environment at similar rate.

This particular report also invalidates the myth about “global cooling” which was promoted by the lobby groups. The scientists said that even the eleven-year period that began with hot 1998 and ended with cold 2008 still reveals a warming drift of 0.11 Celsius for every decade. It is very surprising to know that those people who deny the truth that global warming exists and it’s caused by people, whether out of ignorance or self-interest, want to see certain grand conspiracy in a series of illegal emails but are not willing to view and observe the undeniable clear proof of the effects of this phenomenon that are already happening all over the world.

Canada comes with poor record about climate change & international negotiations to answer the issue and resolve it. The government argues that the country’s economy is the main priority than the environment. Can you imagine how the economy will be fine even if the planet is already dying? As citizens, people of Canada should make a move; let the government leaders know what they anticipate from the government to do in order to address the issue.

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