Do NGO Tactics Risk Public Trust

The constant development of palm oil plantation only means that orangutans are getting ever fewer, whether you accept the forecast of different environmental groups like the Friends of the Earth. RAN or Rainforest Action Network has already gone advance in declaring that orangutans are forecast to become extinct in 2011. Neither tell that is likely to be real nor can be the evidence of “Blackwashing”. This is a term that is often used in describing environmental propaganda or scaremongering.

There is a report that was published lately in the journal or tropical conversation and biology examined that the publicity techniques by Palm oil Companies and NGOS in the problem of tropical deforestation. It is candidly critical of groups like RAN and FOE in creating overstated claims in their campaigns. There are times that there are some unverified and misleading accusations of avoidable environmental degradation by some corporations.


It is being stated that about 50, 000 orangutans in 54 wild populations spread in Borneo and Sumatra. 38 orangutans in these populations increased for about 250 as well as the latest level that needs to keep a feasible breeding population.

No Extinction in 2011

Some organization like Sumatran Orangutans Society turns down to utilize dates due to their unreliability. We are in favor to state that they are just like to be the very first great ape species that gonna be wiped out unless we will stop performing deforestation, stated by Helen Buckland.

The report of co-author which is Rhett Butler explains that we are not saying that deforestation does not exist, however, NGO’s are required to have great awareness with regard to gathering right information. Just like for example declaring that orangutans are becoming extinct by this 2011 which is not right.

RAN admitted that its figure is not right. Margaret Swink which is a Spokesperson stated that it this had been taken from a Guardian news report which in turn got it from the British Orangutan Association. Actually, everyone desires to acquire the fact that it is the most convincing information that really gets the whole attention of the people. We also attempt and be more accurate. However, there are times that we didn’t succeed.

Unfair Comparison

Swink always say that she still have hope for those people to realize that the action their action as well as NGO’s take are being made in force most corporation to be more responsible on what they are doing and also to acknowledge the impact that their decision has in wild orangutan populations.

On the other hand, FOE is really concerned with regards on the environmental protection and human rights. When you have a PR projects that is being funded by industries which dames the environment and often commits human right abuses. This is stated by ED Matthews which is the Economic Head.

Short Term Tactics

According to a report, there are some approaches that are often counterproductive in safe guarding against deforestation. In the short term, blackwashing can create headlines, increase donations, and also boost the profile of environmental debates. However, in long term, blackwashing is exposes in what is really could, weaken public support discussion, and make smaller trust investment in the environmental groups.

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