Intensive Farming in Copenhagen

Intensive farming can be defined as the approach to farming wherein the objective is to obtain a yield that is far above the ground as possible. Whilst all farming approaches are focused on obtaining a better and high yield, intensive farming makes use of some sorts of strategies which are designed to maximize things such as the quantity of crops which can be developed on land, the quantity of the growing cycles every year and many more. This particular method is at times confused with business agriculture. In reality, business farming is one type yet this is far from the sole approach to agriculture intensively.farming

Intensive agriculture is one of the major issues in almost all parts of the world. Agriculture underwent changes and it was made intensified by forming & using more fruitful crops artificial fertilizers & pesticides, intensive irrigation techniques and huge scale monoculture fields. It is believed that intensive farming in Copenhagen has the ability to save numerous human lives. That thing has a high chance to happen because intensive farming can give higher yields & more supply of food as compared to conventional farming techniques.

On the other hand, some people are in contrast to this matter. They said that intensive agriculture is not actually a sustainable approach to produce food due to the fact that it only results to destruction to soil. Aside from that, this can also cause some forms of environmental issues that are commonly associated with the excessive application of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Apart from the mentioned issues related to intensive farming, people who are against this also said that it can also trigger some problems not only to the developing nations but even to the society. It will stop the people from producing their own crops as they do not have the capability to compete and go along with the worldwide agricultural problems. Today, intensive farming will still dominate the global fields but still there are millions of those people who suffer from hunger.

Intensive farming is among the common issues that most people are talking about today. Way back in 2009, it is said that Copenhagen will result to an increase in intensive agriculture. All concerned sectors of the government of all nations should be responsible enough with regard to this particular issue. It’s simply because intensive farming is one of the issues that require adequate attention and immediate response. Every sector should play their role in the international emissions deal. However, the question is “does the inclusion of agriculture within the mix can result to the intensification of money and farming for the GM crops?”

There can be other things that you should learn and understand about intensive farming. It is said that intensive farming can cause not only destruction to the environment but it can also cause other types of issues like epidemic diseases that only intensive agriculture can bring. Though it is believed that intensive farming can be quite advantageous at some point, it remains to be a topic of debates concerning agriculture. The web is the best source of information if you like to know more about it.

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