Freecycle UK

Are you fond of providing support to the missions of any charitable organization? If you said “yes” then you can be one of those people who can help Freecycle a lot. Freecycle UK is a worldwide community that is composed of various groups across the world. It is a proletariat movement of those people who give (and get) stuffs for free within their area. Freecycle is engaged in helping people to get rid of their unwanted items by giving them as a gift to those in need.
The philosophy of Freecycle is just simple…they simply want to preserve the environment. This group gives high value to the practice of recycling. Freecycle believes that if a certain item is still capable enough of doing its purpose though it is already considered useless by its owner, the item still deserves care and attention which only those people who need it can provide.

According to this website, if people will simply focus on recycling and reusing used items, consumerism will be reduced and fewer goods will be required to be manufactured. All of these things will bring advantages to the world. Another advantage of using this website is that it motivates everyone to dispose their junks and uphold the involvement of the community throughout the process.

Discover the Way Freecycle Works

Freecycle made everything simple for all people who desire to be a part of their mission. Everything should be free, appropriate and legal for all ages. When you desire to donate something, whether it is a chair, piano, fax machine, or a used door, all you have to do is to inform your group through sending them a message. The item will be picked up as soon as possible. The giver will have the whole privilege to choose someone who should receive the gift. Aside from that, the giver will also be responsible for choosing a particular collection time and to post a message that says the item is already taken.

If you wish to get something, you can also use Freecycle to get what you need! What you can do is to post a “WANTED” message then the group member might just have the item you are looking for and give it to you. You should inform the group that you already received the item by just sending a follow up message stating that you now have it.

Getting Started with Freecycle

To start using Freecycle, you will need to look for a local group. Do it by either searching for one within your city or town or by viewing the listings of Freecycle groups. Choose one group and be a member. As a member, you should be responsible enough in fulfilling your obligations. Never forget to check the current posts prior to create another one and be sure that you have read and understood all messages posted by the ADMIN before you post yours.

Freecycle is a good way to help those people in need of your help. So the next time you want to dispose some items you don’t want to see inside your room anymore, don’t forget that Freecycle can help you get rid of them in a very generous way.


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