Should GM Food Be Labelled

One of the common questions asked by average people to experts is about the so called GM food. Should GM Food be labeled? What’s the purpose behind that? If you are very interested in this topic and you wish to learn more about GM food, please continue reading this.

The Truth about GM Food Labeling in UK

Can you still remember the FDA’s 1994 standpoint on labeling the genetically modified foods? The agency said that GM foods do not actually need to have labels. The agency believes that labeling the foods as non-GM or GM will be misleading considering that the foods are not different. Despite the overwhelming proof that people demand their right to know whether a certain food is GM or not, the foods that are genetically modified do not necessarily need to be labeled.

One of the main reasons behind this is that there is no visible difference between GM and non GM. They have the same taste, look and odor. The quality of the foods is just the same so you don’t have to worry whether you bought the GM type and not the other choice.

Right now, there’s no way to find out if the GM foods which were accepted and approved by FDA like potatoes, squash, tomatoes and papayas are actually included in the produce section of the supermarkets. The industry of GM has opposed the idea of labeling the genetically modified foods right from the very start. It is certainly due to fear that people may reject these foods.

gm foods

The manufacturers and suppliers of these processed goods are against the labeling of Gm foods because all goods they produce are made by using the GM ingredients. Did you know that about ninety percent of the soybeans & fifty percent of the corn from US is GM? In fact, the ingredients produced from these goods such as corn, soy beans, protein and sweeteners are commonly used in the production of the processed foods.

The Process behind Labeling the Genetically Modified or GM Foods

The Genetically Modified Food (UK) Regulations 2004 requires those products that are made by using the GM ingredients should be labeled as GM foods. This requirement applies to all non-prepacked goods containing GMOs or genetically modified organisms. Those products that are consistently completely free from GM materials could be labeled as non-GM but their use is strictly discouraged.

The Manner of Labeling or Marking


All labeling which include the extra labeling needed for foods that were produced partially or complete from GMO should adhere and follow the general requisites prescribed by the Genetically Modified Food (UK) Regulations of 2004. Every particular should appear on any of the following:

  • In the packaging
  • On the label attached to the packaging
  • On the label that can be seen clearly on the packaging
  • Commercial papers

Should GM Foods Be Labeled?

The makers of GM foods opposed to this because of their fear or rejection for their products and people also feel the same feeling because they are not actually sure whether GM foods won’t harm their health. This is the main thing here and the debate about this matter is still going on. What can you say about it?

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