Zero Carbon Britain

As the technology progresses, the environment suffers from the never-ending negative effects of it. In Britain, one of the leading issues there has something to do with carbon emissions. To address the issue, a new project was launched and it is called Zero Carbon Britain. Do you want to know what Zero Carbon Britain is all about? How it can help you? What’s the purpose behind this? Well, it’s the right time for you to learn what you should understand about this matter. Please continue reading and get the answers to all your questions.

Zero Carbon Britain – What Is It?

Zero Carbon Britain is a flagship research plan that was launched by the Center for Alternative Technology. It shows that a modern and carbon emission-free society can be achieved by using the best green technologies available today.

no carbon footprint

Climate science stated that the recent emission cutback targets will never keep people from what is currently considered as “severely risky” climate change. If all people will be able to leave a secured and livable climate for their children and for the succeeding generations, people should take part and help in reducing the carbon emissions down to zero before it’s too late.

To combat the problem, a new project was born and that is no other than the Zero Carbon Britain. It was created at the Center for Alternative Technology and it happened in 2006. It serves as a direct answer to this problem and has examined and released 3 reports on fast decarbonization.

The research shows that people can reside within a contemporary society with complete zero emissions. By using the recently available technology, people will be able to make the evolution within the required timeframe. They will be capable enough to overcome the test of climate change & make a good future for the younger generations.

Through producing a technically feasible and robust scenario, Zero Carbon Britain aims to make people more aware and to promote and endorse the crucial action to attain a positive zero carbon future. You can also take part in the mission of this project. All you have to do is to know more about the latest reports and determine how you could use this to aid your efforts towards a better future.

Meet the Team of Zero Carbon Britain

It’s the right time for you to meet the people behind this project. Paul Allen is the coordinator of this project. He is holding a honor degree in Electronic & Electrical Engineering and he joined the CAT or Center for Alternative Technology in 1988. He helped in the creation and production of the renewable energy systems and in developing the Dulas Ltd, a spin off engineering firm of CAT.

Paul works along with the communications officers Danielle Paffard and Alice Hooker-Stroud. Zero Carbon Britain also comes with a research team that is composed of Alice Hooker-Stroud as the research coordinator, Tobi Kellner as the energy modeler, Philip James as the researcher for energy systems, Peter Harper who works as the lead researcher for food & diets with his assistant Laura Blake who works as a food & diets researcher. This project is also comprised of artists in residence, interns and volunteers.

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