Sustainable Salmon Farming

In the industry of agriculture, salmon farming is known to be one of the most significant issues that people are talking about. Maybe, you might have been asked if salmon farming can be sustainable. This matter sounds good but, some groups disagree on this concept. Please continue reading to know more about salmon farming.

Many people today are wondering if salmon farming can really be sustainable. For several years, most marine biologists argued that open-ocean and floating net pens which produce heavy and healthy salmon every year can also generate diseases, pollution and parasites. In the western part of Canada, the industry of open-sea salmon farming has been held responsible for the fall down of the population of wild salmons during the early 2000s although some studies pursued to challenge that claim.


Today, some of the salmon farms were moved inland and they produce fishes within the land-locked cement basins that are positioned apart from the sea and river. There was a land-based salmon farm located in West Virginia was acclaimed as a sustainable and good alternative to traditionally produced salmon. However, those who are against salmon farming argued that some types of agriculture might be able to help the ecosystems through taking off the pressure in fishing of the wild fish stocks. They said that it is the case with the industry of salmon fishing.

Open-sea salmon farms could also cause high densities of inorganic and organic waste materials. These substances can trigger the production of toxic marine algae and it will form low-oxygen dead zones. The residues coming from the antibiotics or other compound treatments could also flow from the fish pens. Another problem about salmon fishing is something about the sea lice. These are copepods that grow in the same size with peas. They cling to free-moving fishes; these tiny creatures are not usually a risk to salmon. However, if most thousands of matured salmons swim together inside the crowded pens, the population of sea lice will boom.

When the young salmons exiting the river of their delivery pass close to the infected fish pens, the smolts might be grouped by the parasites and will be killed instantly. Through this process, the salmon farms caused the whole runs of wild fishes to almost disappear from the streams within the island region of Vancouver. The facilities of inland aquaculture might be a more eco-friendly approach to farm salmons compared to their open-sea counterparts.

Within the open-sea pens, they obtain clean water & water removal for free. Everyone is waiting to discover whether the economics work out. On the other hand, at present, the usual refrain inside the industry of salmon farming regarding inland farms is that it is too expensive. The open-sea aquaculture cannot be matched with the traditional way to grow salmon. But, the situation may change at any timeā€¦

Do you want to know more about salmon farming and its standing within the industry? Well, you can get more information regarding salmon farming; you may do your own research. The internet can provide you with information concerning sustainable salmon farming.

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