Climate Camp: The Saviour of the Environmental Movement

This is really a unique kind of protest because instead of turning up the newest G8 AGM or summit of the multinational and waving their banners, they are often preferred to select their own place. They arrange a camp in the shadow of a very controversial carbon emitter like Drax coal fired power station wherein living like sustainable as possible is essential before creating a high profile demonstration.

Kingsnorth, Drax, and Heathrow are actually synonymous along with the climate change partially due to the successful protest camp that happened for about three years. However, where does this influential movement came from?

Early Inspiration

The Stirling Eco Village which is on the G8 summit during 2005 was the very first village that existed in the wave of climate camp protests. Even though there are bunch of formal arrangements in contrast to the later ones and the chosen sight in the agreement in the Stirling council, the related direct actions efforts and camp delivered the latest model of future protest.climate

After the Stirling, we had considered that we are really capable in performing more than reacting to the calendar events that remembering the climate camp protester which is Kevin Smith. Because of this, we can easily set our agenda now.

It was in the following day of August 2006 when the camp and protest model meet in the very first big assessment. Through the entire accounts, the police was caught by a surprise while the protestors try to break in the United Kingdom’s biggest carbon polluter, and Drax coal fired power station in the West part of Yorkshire.

Police Response

But, the very high profile nature in Heathrow and Drax protests have seen the reaction of the police along with more hostile response in the Kingsnorth in August 2008. The police in Drax are rather confused, however Heathrow had become more strategic and in Kingsnorth they almost it as their latest level, stated by Kevin Smith. The latest level that has saw by a lot of people and eve police called it the “disproportionate” response by Kent offices. It also incorporates search and wide spread stop, sleep and intimidation deprivation techniques.

Responding in the criticism in that time, police minister Vernon Coaker had claimed 70 officers that gain injuries from the tackling protest however, later it turned out that this kind of figure is made up of whole unrelated injuries like suspected wasp sting and sunstroke.

Limitations of Protest

In Greenpeace, friends of the Earth and some campaign group have welcomed the great success of the Climate Camp Protest. Even though the organizing talks in the camps, they are often guarded in terms of the direct action techniques. The Friends of the Earth help the people’s right in peaceful protest and believe that there should be non-violent protest is the official line from them and Mike Childs.

Global Future

In these years, protest is being arranged to the biggest due to the 60 camps that takes place all over the globe. In addition to, the camp is set in Ireland Wales as well as, in Brazil and India. Prior this week, there about 140 people will set up the Scotland Camp which close in the site of planned open coast coal mine in South Lanarkshire in Mainshill Wood.

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